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6 Christian Podcasts That Will Shift You From Depression To Purpose

We were each created to have purpose. Purpose gives us something to look forward to each day. It both fulfills us and often helps others in some way. When we aren't living in our purpose, it can feel like there’s a part of us that's missing, and that can lead to depression and anxiety.

Whether you’ve found your purpose or not, podcasts are a great way to remain encouraged. They’re one of the tools I use to keep myself from falling back into depression or anxiety. I can listen to them while I’m putting on my makeup, working out, and driving.

I mentioned in my article, How I Overcame Depression and Anxiety, that the right podcasts help me to stay focused on God’s truth. Depression and anxiety are a battle for the mind so it’s important to know what helps you win.

I find that the best podcasts to help me stay positive, motivated, and focused on God’s truth offer:

  • Godly advice on daily habits

  • Interviews with people who were rescued from despair by God

  • Interviews with people who have found their purpose in God

  • Deep, meaningful sermons

Here are 6 podcasts that I regularly rely on to keep me encouraged to go after my purpose and remain grounded in God’s truth:

This is one of the first podcasts that I listened to. Because I started it after she had already released a bunch, I was able to listen to one a day while I walked my dog each morning. If you like the idea of grabbing a cup of coffee with a wise friend who intentionally does life with God, this is your podcast.

Jon interviews men and women of faith who have found their purpose in God. He asks the questions that you’d want to ask them. One of his favorites is, “tell me about a time in your life when it doesn’t get any worse than this. How did God bring you out of it?” Inspirational stories ensue about how God reached in and grabbed them in their darkest moments. Often, those darkest moments ended up being the impetus that propelled them into their purpose.

A New Testament Prophet is a person who is directed by God. We are all able to hear from God through the Holy Spirit that lives in us. Shawn interviews Christian leaders who are changing the world through God’s direction. Although I’ve listed it third, this is the podcast I’m most excited to listen to each week.

Kris is an author and the senior associate leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California. I didn’t think I was going to want to listen to sermons during my podcast time but I do enjoy these. He always offers eye-opening wisdom along with some wit as he discusses how we can change culture for the glory of God.

Erwin is the Lead Pastor of Mosaic- a community of faith in Los Angeles, California. He’s written many books. I’ve read one of them- The Last Arrow, which is a great book about going full-out for God and not holding anything back. His messages are like his books- he makes the kind of insightful connections that offer a lot of Ah-ha moments. It’s good stuff.

Jennie Allen is an author of several books, and visionary/founder of IF:Gathering. I’ve read Jennie’s book, Restless, and it was the catalyst in finding my purpose. I’m nearing the end of her newest book, Get Out of Your Head, and it’s very helpful to combat those anxious thoughts that pop up. We all need to work through some pretty difficult emotions when we’re seeking our purpose, as well as moving in our purpose. Jennie talks about working through feeling stuck, or some tough emotions like anger and sadness so that we’re able to be free to walk in our calling.


Which podcasts do you think should be on this list? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section!



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Staci Diffendaffer
Staci Diffendaffer
Feb 19, 2020

Sounds like a good one, David! Thanks!


David M George
David M George
Feb 19, 2020

Thanks for the tips - I look forward to checking these out! My favorite YouTube Podcaster is Billy Alsbrooks, who overcame panic attacks and PTSD to deliver wonderful, uplifting, motivating messages in his BLESSED AND UNSTOPPABLE podcasts - I love to listen to him when I workout - great stuff!!

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