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Staci Diffendaffer is the author of Unconditioned Love: Healing Hearts and Minds in a Time of Conflict and Division.

She’s a wall-breaker and safe-space-maker who’s passionate about uniting people.

Through the love and guidance of Jesus Christ, Staci overcame trauma, depression, and anxiety. After many years of varied abuse, she developed a false belief that most men were a threat. God's transformational healing enabled her to forgive her assailants and stop categorizing people into "good" or "bad" based on past hurts.

Staci hopes to inspire her readers to create a compassionate culture that values every person, and to better understand that their hardships can be a catalyst for a greater purpose.

God wants you to live a victorious life. He wants to use the pain in your past to uniquely equip you to do more than you could ever hope or imagine. 

The journey is better with community, so join us!

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