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Healing Hearts and Minds in a Time of Conflict and Division

How do we break down the walls that separate us?

In a time of social tension and political unrest, how can we be the light of the world, as Jesus called us to be?

Staci Diffendaffer knows how unhealed wounds and cultural influence can condition us to place qualifications on the love we give. Through insightful storytelling, Staci poignantly shares how she developed a fearful life view, riddled with chronic anger and isolation. She candidly lays out the journey that led to healing and finding her way back to people.

Unconditioned Love offers a timely message with practical solutions for creating a culture of grace and meaningful connection. Through this book, you'll discover:

•Your pain-to-purpose redemption story
•Your unique part in transforming culture
•The keys to uprooting the mindsets that divide us

Staci provides a courageous guide out of the cycle of pain and into wholeness. Healing hearts and minds takes place through the everyday actions of people who have learned the extraordinary power of Unconditioned Love.

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“Staci is brilliant. Her story is a megalithic guide to the path of change that we've all been looking for. I'll be rereading this a hundred times to take it all in!”
Lisa Brotton, Co-Leader of Celebrate Recovery, Santa Fe, NM

“In the same way there is no mountain top without a valley below, there is no healing and resurrection without pain and death. Everyone’s story is a comeback story and with courage and kindness, Staci tells of hers while inviting others to theirs.”
Michael Thompson, Founder of Zoweh Ministries and Author of "The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Warrior, You Must Become the Beloved Son,” Durham, NC

“If you want to be a world changer and love and value every person as a Child of God, this book is for you!”
Marcus Lee, Founding Lead Pastor of Peace and Abundance Church and Bestselling Author of “Verified: Growing Into Your God-given Identity," Hattiesburg, MS

"Unconditioned Love is the exact word our nation needs! Staci's authenticity is refreshing and encouraging."

Claire Jett, Co-Pastor of Life Fellowship Community Church, Des Allemands, LA

"Wow! I'm completely amazed and inspired. Unconditioned Love is beautifully written, raw, honest, and eye opening. A great work of literature that allows the reader a time for self-reflection and understanding of themselves and a time to form a stronger relationship with God and their faith."

Deanna Cuevas, Principal at Continental Elementary School, Tucson, AZ

"I no longer feel alone. I’m inspired to apply the principles in this book, overcome my own challenges, and to fully live the life God has planned for me!"

Keith Rieger, Professor, Professional Athlete, and 4x Author, Surprise, AZ

"Unconditioned Love illustrates how the most painful parts of your life story can also produce great power in your life!"

Boris and Melissa Elder, Chaplains at Winston-Salem First Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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A story of transformation.

From fear and anger to unconditioned love and purpose.

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Real life. Real talk. Real answers. 
Find your victory in all of it.

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I'm passionate about personal transformation and helping others become the people God created them to be by moving beyond surface level conversations to find deeper meaning and life-giving revelation.

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